Fines 6-1-23Free Access

State of Minnesota

Angasa, Tolosa K., Sioux Falls, S.D., Speed $230.00

Bartholmey, Jesse L., Worthington, Seat belt required – driver and passengers must use $115.00

Bryde, Shawn M., Minneapolis, Speed $230.00

Bybee, Robert B., Rushford, Speed $140.00

Clayton, Destiny R., Onawa, Iowa, Speed $150.00

Deruyter, Trent B., Boone, Iowa, Second degree DWI – under influence of alcohol $1,190.00. Credit for time served. Complete Comprehensive Assessment, Complete and pay for a Comprehensive Assessment within 60 days of sentencing and follow all recommendations timely. Defendant must sign all releases for assessor to obtain collateral information from assigned probation agent(s), assigned social worker(s) if any, mental health treatment provider(s) if any, relevant family/household members and recent treatment providers as part of their assessment. Defendant must successfully complete the level of treatment and aftercare recommended rather than choosing a lesser level of care. No alcohol/controlled substance use, with the exception of prescribed medications. No possession of alcohol or drugs, with the exception of prescribed medications. Random testing. Attend MADD Impact Panel. Remain law abiding.

Dolezal, Nathanial L. Ely, Nev., Speed $150.00

Drzadinski, David J., Whitefish Bay, Wis., Speed $140.00

Fairchild, Jeremy R., Estherville, Iowa, Speed $150.00

Flores, Maribel H., Brooklyn Park, Speed $130.00

Guerrero Fernandez, Judith, Worthington, Speed $230.00

Hagan, Patrick J., Sioux Falls, S.D., Hands-free law-engage in cellular phone or video call $140.00

Hopkins, Lori O., Battle Creek, Mich., Speed $150.00

Karpov, Amy, Ramsey, Speed $230.00, Hands-free law-initiate/compose/send/retrieve/read electronic message $50.00, Duty to drive with due care $40.00

Kuntz, Meghan A., Eden Prairie, Speed $140.00

Llopiz Osorio, Christopher R., Providence, R.I., Speed $140.00

Mart, Serhii, Sioux Falls, S.D., Speed $290.00

McDowell, Anna L., Rochester, Speed $140.00

Moreno Giron, Daniel De Jesus, Wilder, Speed $140.00

Olivares Marin, Rony A., Sioux Falls, S.D., Speed $140.00

Pyan, Kari J., Jackson, Speed $140.00, Seat belt required – driver and passengers must use $25.00

Ramirez Herrera, Ruben, Luverne, Speed $150.00

Rubio, Antonio, Sioux Falls, S.D., Speed $140.00

Smythe, Jeffery S., Andover, Speed $150.00

Strong, Kalley A., Rochester, Speed $150.00

Sutton, Nicholas G., Schenectady, N.Y., Speed $150.00

Vos, Shanee L., Hadley, Hands-free law-engage in cellular phone or video call $140.00

Jackson County Sheriff’s Office

Chokai, Foster E., Windom, Speed $290.00

Gamboa Marrero, Luis A., Brooklyn Park, Driving after revocation $290.00

Harris, Troy E., Jackson, Loud Music $140.00

Hom, Willard C. III, Zumbrota, Careless Driving, $190.00. No same or similar. Remain law-abiding.

Powell, Patricia A., Brooklyn Park, Parking restrictions $37.00

Robien, Apath J., Sioux Falls, S.D., Possess/Sale small amount of marijuana – no remuneration $140.00

Skow, Thomas, A., Jackson, Parking restrictions $37.00

Weitz, Rachel A., Saint Paul, Speed $130.00


Police Department

Froderman, Clinton E., Waseca, Criminal Sex Conduct – 2nd degree – significant relationship under 16 – multiple act $90.00. Commit to Commissioner of Corrections – Adult (MN Correctional Facility – St. Cloud, 90 months) Supply DNA sample, Predatory offender registration required. No contact with victim(s).

Minnesota Department of Natural Resources

Bakker, Brittany A., Jackson, Take Fish without a license $190.00

Earls, Kylie A., Jackson, Take Fish without a license $190.00

Pohlman, Laydon J., Jackson, Fish and Game, Take fish without angling license $190.00

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